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+982126402340 unitradmed.ir@gmail.com PERSIAN
Dr. Amir Hossein Sattari

Rector’s message

Rector’s Message

Welcome to Pishgaman , the first academical and private institution and the pioneer of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Iran. We proud of we are available in Iran, the land of difficulties without any governmental supports.

We are ready to make you more professional in the field of Alternative medicine methods with new perspective to research and education process.

For the first time we academized three Iranian medicine methods in abroad and experienced them, now we promote the knowledge with innovation and best quality to our students to be great kinds of researchers then therapists.

Pishgaman with its academical council, staffs, educational planning and departments layout make a new way to be special scientists. Innovation is our intellectual path.

As my opinion, medicine is one of the most sophisticated and advanced sciences in the world which human directly involved in. so we use it as the basic of our education and then complementary medicine. we’ll add other alternative methods pathology and therapeutic courses while you are studying. Our education is not only an integration between holistic medicine and classic which also we are researching to find scientific answers to our questions and finally finding new treatment methods.  Any way Since nobody knows how long he will alive, we try to fulfill our mission to Human flourishing and excellence.

At last, my special thanks to Dr. Prof. Norik Saribekyan, the respectful rector of the University of traditional Medicine of Armenia, who is not only taught me what to do, but as a father trusted and gave me the chance to fulfill whatever I dreamed for many years.

                  Best Wishes

Dr. MD. AMD. Amirhossein Sattari.