+982126402340 unitradmed.ir@gmail.com PERSIAN
+982126402340 unitradmed.ir@gmail.com PERSIAN

Pharmacognosy Department

Pharmacognosy Depatment

Our graduate program is dedicated to the training of outstanding scientists in the natural product sciences and aims to contribute to the multidisciplinary drug research and development from natural products, using the rich flora of Iran.


Pharmacognosy is the science of studying the drug materials produced from natural sources, and in general such materials may be herbal, microbial, and/or any other sources of natural origin.

The department follows two basic tasks as follows:

1-Education: The department trains students at both PhD General in pharmacy, and PhD in Pharmacognosy & Medicinal Biotechnology;

2- Research: In general, the researches at the department are depicted in the forms of presenting articles in seminars and scientific journals, student research programs, and conducting dissertations.

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