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Undergraduate Program

Iranian Traditional Medicine

We are a health science base  Institute that provides the best care,educates the best minds and develop the best treatments.

Why Study Iranian Traditional Medicine?

Medicine based in experience and science , evidence based text books and references .

We pay a heavy price for our modern, hectic lifestyle, with its consumerism, stress, pollution, drugs, and environmental poisons. In a health care world increasingly viewed as oppressive and dotted with health care scandals, the public is showing increasing interest in complementary and alternative medicine. Studying alternative medicine for your personal benefit, or to make it your profession, is a way to help today’s patients feel listened to as well as cared for.

At the Pishgaman institution , the vast majority of applicants come from people who have already used one or more alternative therapies. Their desire to learn often comes from a passion to heal others and to be of service to the community. We also have students from medical and paramedical fields who are disillusioned and come to learn a new approach.

What is Iranian Traditional Medicine

IITM is a holistic medicine which has been based on individual differences, a determinant basic concept named as Mizaj (temperament). According to IITM, everybody has a definite Mizaj which is determinant to construct all physical or mental characteristics. Mizaj is a quality concluded of compounding every four basic elements (Arkan) with each other in a specific proportion and their interaction. These basic elements are: Water, fire, soil, and wind, producing kinetic energy (warmness) and fluidity (humidity) in the body. Human health depends on the maintenance of the Mizaj in a balanced state. Every mal-temperament or Sou-e-mizaj could lead to illness.


Professional Doctorate


You pass 24 semesters in 5 years , during your study we have a vast research program for every student .

We combine the modern medicine and traditional medicine and our students has this ability to help health society .You learn basic medicine before your starting traditional medicine semesters.


Why Choose TMPI?


Iranian Traditional Medicine Doctorate degree in field of Medical science and complementary and Alternative Medicine Doctorate (AMD)