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+982126402340 unitradmed.ir@gmail.com PERSIAN
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About Us

Pishgaman’s History

Traditional Medicine Pishgaman Institution (TMPI) was established in 2014 in Tehran, After seven years’ experiences and efforts in education and research of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (T,CAM) at the University Of Traditional Medicine Of Armenia( UTMA) by Dr.MD Amirhossein Sattari with the aim of introduce and developing of T,CAM methods and their effects in human health, with graduating new qualities of doctors and therapists in the field of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Which ultimately leads to a better quality of  human life and health. Pishgaman is legalized under the number of 35200 and is a member science based companies and institutions syndicates of Iran. We proud that we are the first private institute of Iran which has academic council of outstanding scholars.

There are 5 departments and 5 sections for TMPI which presents Institute’s intellectual path,

Departments of:

·         Epidemiology

·         Holistic medicine

·         Herbal medicine

·         Pharmacognosy

·         Pathology

 And sections of:

·         Education

·         Laboratory

·         Production

·         Rectorate (office)

·         International  Relations 

·         Cooperation 

·         Public relation office 

·         IT

These show we believe in : first is research, then testing and making functional, next to teach and finally sharing with others .

Our Philosophy

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence.

TMPI's Principle

We believe in quality , our mission is to extend Iranian Alternative Medicine throughout the world.


Key Of Success

We believe in human ability to cure their illness

We try to awareness to people for their health benefits

Welcome to CAM world!

Here you can earn alot of abilities from different CAM methods :Iranian Alternative Medicine


 Chinese Medicine

 Indian Traditional Medicine




Pishgaman Institute offers a unique experience to graduate students

After 5 years ,Our students will  graduate after their thesis , we also support the creativity of our students.

We are a family for a unique goal.


Powerful Alumni

Connections are everything, especially in today’s fast-paced, entrepreneurial-geared work environment. As prospective students face the fear of taking out massive amounts of student loan debt, they wonder if they’ll find a job post-graduation that can sustain them financially. And in many cases, doing so involves making the right connections, either while still in school or through networking afterward.